4A Extra-class games

Week 0

08/20/2010 Sioux City East @ 3A Sioux City Heelan
08/20/2010 3A Sergeant Bluff-Luton @ Sioux City West

Week 1

08/27/2010 Sioux City North @ 3A LeMars

Week 2

09/03/2010 Council Bluffs Jefferson @ 3A Council Bluffs Lewis Central
09/03/2010 Des Moines Roosevelt @ 3A Grinnell
09/03/2010 3A Sioux City Heelan @ Sioux City North
09/03/2010 3A Harlan @ Council Bluffs Lincoln

Week 3

09/10/2010 Sioux City West @ EX South Sioux City NE


There are 7 games between 4A and 3A, and one game between 4A Sioux City West and South Sioux City NE.

The 7 3A-4A games all seem reasonably competitive to me. I believe that 3A will win the majority of them (testable hypothesis).

Based on the computer’s 2001-2010 rankings, all 3A teams are favorites.

What do you think?

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