Week 5 notes: CB Lincoln and Dowling

> Why is CB AL #1?
> Why is Dowling #2?

These weekend games have really had big effects on the computer model:

9/24 SE Polk 23 @ Dowling 24
9/24 Johnston 42 @ Indianola 7
9/24 Ankeny 14 @ Urbandale 12

Please let me skip a lot of reasonable statements, and just say the effect of these games was to conclude that Dowling is no longer thought to be invincible. Perhaps they played their worst game on the year, but for now we must take that game as it is and conclude that Dowling is not unbeatable.

On Abraham Lincoln’s side, we have a team with a definitely light schedule, #47, but with 2 key wins: 35 points over #19 Johnston, 15 point win over 3A #7 Harlan

Key games to watch from AL’s perspective:

10/01 #1 AL at #7 Sioux City East – conference championship. This is the 4A game of the week, first game of the week featuring MRC teams in a decade?

10/01 #2 Dowling at #12 Ankeny – Ankeny is a common opponent of Dowling and AL

10/08 #2 Dowling at #19 Johnston — common opponent of AL and Dowling, AL has a 35-point win over Johnston

10/15 #7 Sioux City East at #8 Southeast Polk — not a common link between AL and Dowling, but is an important connecting link between CIML and MRC

10/22 #12 Ankeny at AL, Ankeny is a common opponent of Dowling and AL