wrestling rankings

I worked on wrestling rankings. Rankings are based on the results of team scores of dual meets. Current week rankings, week 3, are unbiased, 100% this year’s results.

2011 wrestling rankings

1. I have no schedule files. If you would like to submit a schedule file, please submit in this format:


1 – standard
0 – neutral game

Game 1 is a standard Ankeny @ Ames matchup.
Game 2 is a neutral dual meet at Ankeny: Ames versus Boone.

If you submit a schedule file for your team, predictions for upcoming dual meets will appear in the team’s season schedule.

2. I hope to add some district rankings and standing in the future.

3. If you have suggestions or criticisms, please contact me, Brent Moore bcmoore87@bcmoorerankings.com

12/16 Daily GBB Report

 Notes: 1. Currently only those teams with a valid schedule file are outputted in this report. Please send me an updated schedule file if your team is not listed. Format details can be found here: GBB update If you can, please follow the schedule format. If you format the schedule as specified, your schedule will […] Continue reading →

12/16 Daily BBB Report

 Iowa High School Boys Basketball 12/16/2010 – Top 20 results Pre = pregame prediction Post = postgame prediction Act = actual game margin 4A 3A Cl Rnk Visitor Score Cl Rnk Home Score Pre Post Act 3A 14 Waverly-Shell Rock 69 3A 54 LaPorte City Union 46 -23.13 -24.84 -23 2A 1A Cl Rnk Visitor […] Continue reading →