iahsaa.org football schedules release schedule

This is a return of one of my favorite headlines from last year.

Iahsaa.org is scheduled to release football schedules on August 8. Excerpt of press release from iahsaa.org follows:

“Due to some schools dropping football, there were changes to many schedules. We are waiting to hear back from a handful of schools just to verify their new schedules. As a result, football schedules will be posted on our Website Monday morning, August 8.”

When the schedules are released, the analysis can begin.

As a result of past research, preseason rankings will rank teams based on their strength at the end of last season. Historical research indicates that this predicts about 70% of games correctly, see Tradition, One year Tradition. Which teams will do better than expected? Which teams will do worse than expected?

Week 0 starts August 19. Let the two week countdown begin.

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