Forfeit games

This season has seen a large number of forfeit games, three. Additionally, all three of these games have had distinctly negative impacts on the accuracy of the rankings.

I have make some changes to the underlying rankings program. Instead of listing these games as 1-0 scores, I am retaining the on-field score with the corrected W/L label. Additionally, the score will have the words forfeit in the notes.

For example, in Sioux City West’s team report, Sioux City West won over Sioux City North by a score of Sioux City West 6 – Sioux City North 37.


Team records, conference and overall, have been changed to the new logic.
W/L labels in the team season reports have been changed to the new logic.

To do:

There may be other portions of the program yet to be changed. I will investigate further.

In all cases the changes will be to the W/L labeling of games. On the field scores will be used in the computer analysis.