Month: August 2017

  • 2017-08-25 Daily IA FB Report

    Iowa High School Boys Football 08/25 – Top 16 results Pre = pregame prediction Post = postgame prediction Act = actual game margin 4A Cl Rnk Visitor Score Cl Rnk Home Score Pre Post Act 4A 6 Ankeny 18 4A 1 WDM Dowling 42 20.23 24.00 24 4A 7 CR Kennedy 50 4A 24 Muscatine…

  • High School Activities Bring Communities Together

    Guest opinion: HIGH SCHOOL ACTIVITIES BRING COMMUNITIES TOGETHER By Bob Gardner, Executive Director of the National Federation of State High School Associations and Alan Beste, Executive Director of the Iowa High School Athletic Association. Tailgates. Pep rallies. Friday night lights. The new school year is here! And that’s exciting news for student-athletes and high school…

  • Historical Football scores: 2017-08-17 update

    Update: Football database now has 70,031 scores. * Added 2016 football scores. Reports 1893-2016 Composite 2011-2016 Report

  • 2017 FB Preseason Rankings Preseason rankings can be found for 332 Iowa high school football teams. Week 1 is scheduled for 08/24-08/26; 1488 games are currently scheduled for the regular season.