Post Week 4 Rankings Update

After some great football Friday, we have posted our Week 4 Power Rankings with some notable teams rising and others falling. Check for your hometown and/or favorite teams in the link below.

Week 4 Power Rankings

Starting with 4A Ankeny Centennial has beaten Dowling 14 – 7 but, that actually pushed Dowling up from 3rd last week to 2nd this week in the power rankings. Now, this isn’t anything huge but definitely eye-opening considering Dowling won the 4A title last year against Iowa City West. In other 4A news, Southeast Polk is still top 10 taking the 10th spot after a win against Des Moines East. Notably, they are the only team in the top 10 with a losing record. This is due to the strength of schedule playing 3 top 10 teams in the first 3 weeks.

As seen in our last post, Eldridge North Scott upset Western Dubuque as they were ranked 28th last week. Interestingly enough, Western Dubuque is still ranked higher in week 4 at 7th and Eldridge North Scott coming in at 8th. It’s now time to wait and see if the North Scott Lancer’s win was just a fluke or the team actually has the strength to be in the top 10.

Prairie City-Monroe is now 4-0 scoring over 25 points in every game they have played so far. After last week’s win against 1A’s Pella Christian seems to solidify there #1 spot, however there strength of schedule seems incredibly low. Come playoff time we fully expect them to be undefeated but will be interesting to see how they do against some notably stronger teams. In other 2A news, West Liberty has dropped 16 places after a loss to Washington. Even though Washington is a 3A and this loss doesn’t affect there conference it still has hurt there overall power ranking.

1A has seen some board change across the board with teams falling and rising all over. What’s most impressive is there are currently 8 teams that still have undefeated records. They are Bellevue (1.), South Cent Calhoun (2.), West Branch (3.), Van Meter (4.), Sumner-Fredericksburg (5.), Dike-New Hartford (7.), Mediapolis (11.), and Truro Interstate-35 (16.). This amount of undefeated teams will last as this Friday Bellevue (1.) will play West Branch (3.). It’ll be interesting to see in the coming weeks how the top 10 in 1A will change.