Post Week 6 Rankings Update

It’s that time again, we break down the biggest winners and losers of our post week 6 Power Rankings. As we inch closer and closer to playoffs we can already sense the top contenders.

Week 6 Power Rankings

To everyone’s surprise, WDM Dowling is back in the #1 spot after a dominating win over Des Moines Lincoln. The computer has placed Dowling at a 133.80 power ranking just .03 over Ankeny Centennial. What’s so stunning about this is that Dowling lost to Ankeny Centennial in week 4, and not to mention lost to WDM Valley that is ranked third. All three of these teams seem to be in a league of there own and we’re so excited to see-how playoffs play out.

As we’ve talked about in our previous analysis posts, there are still 5 undefeated teams in 3A. Leading the pack is CR Xavier and CB Lewis Central both getting 30 plus point wins last week. Now let’s talk about Western Dubuque currently ranked #3. Last week they won against Center Point-Urbana pushing them to a 5-1 record. The interesting part, however, is Western Dubuque is in the same conference as CR Xavier. This could complicate the playoff outlook and in turn affect the teams that end up in the dome.

We had multiple upsets in 2A last week with the biggest being Carroll Kuemper beating Greene County 16-8. However, the computer pushed them down in rankings to number 18 after the previous opponents didn’t perform well too. Now let’s talk about PCM. PCM currently has the highest difference in 1st to 2nd place power ranking of any class being 9.14 points. This is incredible and only happens once every few years. We can’t see anyone upsetting them now till the 2A title.

1A, just like 3A, still has a plethora of undefeated teams. What’s even more astonishing is the top 4 ranked teams, all undefeated, are all within 5.14 points. These 4 teams, Bellevue (1.), Van Meter (2.), South Cent Calhoun (3.), Dike-New Hartford (4.), are all leading there conference too. As we said in week 4, we figure the only time we see any of these teams lose is in the playoffs or under the lights at the dome.