10-11-2018 Friday Night Lights Preview

It’s almost our favorite day of the week, and week 8 is bringing us some huge matchups. Teams can almost taste the playoffs but some will have big tests of strength before they make it to the postseason. We break down the biggest matchups and predictions of week 8. Updated scores, rankings, and analysis will follow this weekend.

Biggest Matchups of Week 8

10/12/2018 4A 6 ( 5- 2) Waukee 4A 12 ( 6- 1) Indianola 95.96 -8.61 75%
The Waukee warriors will travel to take on the Indianola Indians. This is a huge conference game for both teams. It’s also a big matchup for Waukee as they look to regain some ground against other top-ranked opponents.

10/12/2018 3A 3 ( 6- 1) Eldridge North Scott 3A 9 ( 7- 0) Clear Creek-Amana 93.02 -11.53 81%
The Clear Creek-Amana Clippers will host the Eldridge North Scott Lancers in today’s top 3A game. The Lancers are actually highly favored due to there strong power ranking. However, and upset from Clear Creek-Amana would keep them undefeated and put them in Dome talks.

10/12/2018 2A 4 ( 6- 1) Spirit Lake 2A 7 ( 7- 0) Algona 87.66 -0.41 51%
2A has a close matchup between the Spirit Lake Indians and the Algona Bulldogs. Algona, although undefeated, has played no top 10 teams. This should be a true test of both their power and defensive abilities.

10/12/2018 1A 11 ( 5- 2) Cascade 1A 5 ( 6- 1) West Branch 74.27 21.21 95%
The Cascade Cougars will travel to play the West Branch Bears. West Branch has played a strong season of football with their only loss being to the undefeated and 3rd ranked Bellevue. Although Cascade is ranked 11th this should be a win for West Branch and confidence boost before going into the playoffs.