2019 Mid-season Check-in

0. Handbook

The rankings now have a handbook, http://bcmoorerankings.com/handbook.

1. Games

Boys have played 2520 games.
Girls have played 2680 games.

2. Teams

2019-01-23: added boys district assignments 1A, 2A
2019-01-27: added boys district assignments 3A, 4A
2019-01-27: added girls district assignments 1A, 2A, 3A
Yet to be released: girls (5A-4A)

3. Sync schedule:

ighsau.org: 05:30, 09:30, 13:30, 17:30, and 21:30.
iahsaa.org: 06:00, 10:00, 14:00, 18:00, and 22:00.

4. Publication schedule
Rankings are published approximately 10 minutes after data is sync’d.

5. Bad data
If you observe an incorrect score or schedule entry:
* the data sync may be 4 hours old
* iahsaa.org/ighsau.org is the score authority.

6. Sync problems
Occasionally, there can be format problems in the schedule/scores information that causes the automated process to fail. If the above publication schedule does not seem to be active, please contact me, bcmoore87@bcmoorerankings.com.

7. Feedback
Feedback is fun and always well-received. Thanks to all who have assisted in numerous ways the past 18 years. bcmoore87@bcmoorerankings.com

8. Thank you
Thank you to the Iowa boys, girls, and coaches who provide a wonderful game to all! You are very appreciated.