Month: September 2020

  • 2020 IA HS football – Mid-Season Checkin

    1. Games As of 11AM this morning, we have 753 games played. We still have 4 separate pools of 8-man teams that are not connected. So, 8-man rankings continued to be biased with 2019 strength scores. All other rankings are unbiased. 2. Bad data If you observe an incorrect score or schedule entry, please let […]

  • 1954 Iowa High School Football

    Major Update Details Teams: 299 Iowa High School 11-man teams 49 Iowa High School 6-man teams 12 JV teams (playing varsity games) 65 Non-IA teams 425 Total teams Scores: 1355 scores, 1219 scores with locations Conferences: 48 conferences Classification thoughts Who is eligible to be ranked #1? To be eligible for championship contention, that […]