2021 Football Rankings


Preseason rankings can be found for 333 Iowa high school football teams.

Team Changes that I noticed:

  • West Harrison is teaming up with Whiting this season.
  • Calamus-Wheatland is playing football for the first time ever.  In the current football scores database, I have no scores for either Calamus, Wheatland, or the combined team (merged in 1986 (internet search)).  I may look to see if either of the two teams may have played football in 1920s time frame, or in the 1950’s 6-player era.
  • Woodward Academy returns to football this fall.  Woodward played football 2010-2019.
  • Waukee Northwest is a new school playing football for the first time ever.

Historical Football Scores – 2021 check-in

 I’ve continue to add scores to the historical database. Thanks to all who have contributed (I know I still have a great number of Clarion scores to integrate.) It’s great to receive good datasets of scores. The best submissions have dates and locations. http://iah.bcmoorerankings.com ——————— The following teams have over 750 scores in the historical […] Continue reading →