2010 Football Schedules

Schedules are now available for the fall football season. 355 teams will be competing in 6 classes.

4A top 47 schools
3A next 64 schools
2A next 64 schools
1A next 64 schools
A next 51 schools
8 man 65 schools

Previous research says that last year’s analysis can predict this fall’s games with about 70% accuracy. Given this level of accuracy, here are the preseason rankings:

Preseason Rankings

Some initial highlights:

4A: Iowa City High remains on top based on last year’s blowout championship.

3A: Solon starts as #1, returning champions of Class 2A. Harlan starts as #2, last year’s 3A champions. Boyden-Hull-Rock Valley, runner up on 2A, starts as #3. Progress of these former 2A teams will be a story to follow.

2A: This class looks a lot more wide open with loss of Solon and Boyden-Hull-Rocky Valley. Semi-finalist North Fayette starts #1, a historical computer rankings favorite.

1A: St Albert, last year’s champion, starts #1.

A: Madrid, a semi-finalist in 2009, starts #1. #2 Elk Horn-Kimballton-Exira is coming up from 8-man football. Their ranking of 107.17 means the computer thought they were 107.17 points better than the worst team in 8-man football. Madrid’s rating of 107.58 is calculated similarly, 107.58 points better than the worst team in Class A. Rating of EHK-Exira seems high to me; this will clearly be worth following.

8-man: Armstrong-Ringsted returns as the leader of 8-man football. Computer’s correct ranking of Armstrong-Ringsted in 2009 is a marvelous feat. Computer first put A-R in the #1 spot after a loss in week 5. Computer correctly identified this as an upset, keeping A-R in the 1st place position for the rest of the season. And the rest is history …

Preseason Rankings

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  1. Great work on the rankings, I look forward to checking these rankings out and visit the site several times each week.