Christmas break update

1. I fixed an error in the calculation of predictions and residuals in the team season schedules report. Error occured when an unknown location was present, principally affecting wrestling and girls basketball rankings.

2. I added a streak column to the standard rankings reports. Streak variable is for current season data only. Example: Danville boys basketball team has a 8-game winning streak.

3. I did some work to improve the ranking’s handling of scores with missing schedule entries. This principally affects girls basketball. As new, unschedule games are played, schedule entries will be added to the schedule database. Previous week’s reports will then be updated.

4. Boys basketball rankings will be updated in the mornings, depending on the release of daily scores from

5. typically updates its website at about midnight and about 10am. Thus, girls basketball rankings will be updated twice per day, once at about 8am and again at about 12pm.

6. Wrestling score updates are very tedious to obtain. Rankings will be updated Sunday night and Wednesday night.

7. If you find anything that needs to be corrected, please comment or send email to

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