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2020 IA HS football – Mid-Season Checkin

1. Games

As of 11AM this morning, we have 753 games played. We still have 4 separate pools of 8-man teams that are not connected. So, 8-man rankings continued to be biased with 2019 strength scores. All other rankings are unbiased.

2. Bad data
If you observe an incorrect score or schedule entry, please let me know. This has been an incredibly challenging year for data. I appreciate all the help you have provided.

3. Feedback
Feedback is fun and always well-received. Thanks to all who have assisted in numerous ways the past 20 years.

4. Thank you
Thank you to the Iowa boys, girls, and coaches who provide a wonderful game to all! You are very appreciated.

Software Update – Feature Request

 Hello to all, To the best of my research, the first analysis was done in October 2001. branding began in July 2010. It’s been a fun time the past 17 years. As the users of this site, what could be improved? Two somewhat large categories come to my mind: 1. Adding information to the […] Continue reading →