Software Update – Feature Request

Hello to all,

To the best of my research, the first analysis was done in October 2001. branding began in July 2010. It’s been a fun time the past 17 years.

As the users of this site, what could be improved?

Two somewhat large categories come to my mind:

1. Adding information to the current report

I’d like to focus on adding more information to the current report. Specifically, what information in past week’s reports would be useful to have in the current report? Why do you look at past reports?

For me, I would like to see published: pre-game predictions for all games played so far (not just the upcoming week’s games). Clearly pre-game predictions are different than post-game prediction/explanations. Additionally, I think it may be useful to know the pre-game rank of teams.

If more data is presented in the current report, perhaps the publication of past report will add little/no value.

2. Site presentation

The output reports were begun in 2011 and have very slowly changed. And I do mean very slowly. The site is still basically a desktop computer site in the age of mobile devices.

Clearly, the desktop format provides lots of room for very detailed reports.

If more limited presentation could be/was made, what information is most important to you?

If you have thoughts, I’m very interested. Please send to

Brent Moore