2020 BBB Rankings


Rankings can be found for 354 Iowa high school basketball teams.

1. iahsaa.org is the official score source.

2. Sync/publication schedule
* Schedules and scores will be synced daily at 06:00, 10:00, 14:00, 18:00, and 22:00.
* Rankings will be published daily at approximately 06:10, 10:10, 14:10, 18:10, and 22:10.

3. Bad data
If you observe an incorrect score or schedule entry:
* the data sync may be 4 hours old
* iahsaa.org is the score authority.

4. Sync problems
Occasionally, there can be format problems in the schedule/scores information that causes the automated process to fail. If the above publication schedule does not seem to be active, please contact me, bcmoore87@bcmoorerankings.com.

5. Feedback
Feedback is fun and always well-received. Thanks to all who have assisted in numerous ways the past 18 years. bcmoore87@bcmoorerankings.com

6. Thank you
Thank you to the Iowa boys and coaches who provide a wonderful game to all! You are very appreciated.