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2019 BBB Rankings

Rankings can be found for 355 Iowa high school basketball teams.

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Thank you to the Iowa boys and coaches who provide a wonderful game to all! You are very appreciated.

2019 GBB Rankings Rankings can be found for 352 Iowa high school basketball teams. 1. For the first time in the history of ranking girls basketball, I have predictions ready before the first night of play! Exciting times! 2. I am defining Week 1 as ending Saturday, 11/25. 3. IGHSAU/Quik Stats Iowa is the official score source. […] Continue reading →

Post Week 7 Rankings Update

 Week 7 brought more great football and with that comes some big winners and losers in the rankings. Playoffs are nearly here and teams make last-ditch efforts to show they’re the best of the best. Week 7 Power Rankings 4A To start off let’s talk about Ankeny Centennial. After there 49-44 win against 9th ranked […] Continue reading →

Post Week 6 Rankings Update

 It’s that time again, we break down the biggest winners and losers of our post week 6 Power Rankings. As we inch closer and closer to playoffs we can already sense the top contenders. Week 6 Power Rankings 4A To everyone’s surprise, WDM Dowling is back in the #1 spot after a dominating win over […] Continue reading →

Post Week 5 Rankings Update

 After having posted our Week 5 Power Rankings it’s time to break down the biggest winners and losers. With 4 weeks left of football, we can already see playoff seeds forming. Week 5 Power Rankings 4A Overall 4A seems to have gone as expected with the computer correctly predicting all 15 top games. What’s interesting […] Continue reading →