2022-2023 IAHS Basketball

11/23 – working on a problem with identification of the home court; resolution is expected this week.


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1. Score source:
https://www.gobound.com/ia is official source for scores and schedules information.  This site is a wonderful resource.  Thanks for the site administrators and the many people that keep this site accurate.

2. Publication schedule

Rankings will be updated at noon and midnight.

3. Errors

If you observe an incorrect score or schedule entry:
* https://www.gobound.com/ia is the score authority.
* Given the update cycles described in Point #2, bcmoorerankings.com may have stale data; the next sync will refresh all data

4. Sync Problems

* Occasionally, there can be times that the automated build process does not update the website. If the above publication schedule does not seem to be active, please contact me, bcmoore87@bcmoorerankings.com.

5. Feedback:

Feedback is fun and always well-received. Thanks to all who have assisted in numerous ways the past 20 years to improve this site. Email: bcmoore87@bcmoorerankings.com

6. Thank you
Thank you to the Iowa boys, Iowa girls, and Iowa coaches who provide a wonderful game to all! You are very appreciated.