Iowa Scores Project – Clarinda

I added or updated 698 scores, Clarinda, 1893-1999.

The Clarinda story starts in 1893 with a November game against the Clarinda Educational Institute. The local newspaper reports that the winner had 26 points. However, it is very unclear who won.

Bedford and Clarinda played 5 games before the end of the season in 1898, Bedford winning 4. The newspaper at the time relays that Clarinda won 2; I will have to recheck sometime.

1096 game entries are now featured for Clarinda High School.

Clarinda has some wonderfully historic rivalries:

93 games with Atlantic
71 games with Creston
110 games with Red Oak
115 games with Shenandoah

Given this 1096 game count, undoubtedly there are improvements. If you find something, please contact me and relay,

project totals:

118,474 game entries
114,380 scores
92,878 scores with locations