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1954 Iowa High School Football

Major Update



299 Iowa High School 11-man teams
49 Iowa High School 6-man teams
12 JV teams (playing varsity games)
65 Non-IA teams
425 Total teams


1355 scores, 1219 scores with locations


48 conferences

Classification thoughts

Who is eligible to be ranked #1?

To be eligible for championship contention, that team needs to play 3 teams with standing.

Initial thoughts of who has standing: The biggest cities have the biggest high schools. The biggest high schools have standing. What are those schools: (1950 city populations over 20,000)

Cedar Rapids (Grant, McKinley, Roosevelt, Wilson)
Council Bluffs (Lincoln, Jefferson)
Davenport (Central)
Des Moines (East, North, Roosevelt, Lincoln, Tech)
Dubuque (Senior)
Fort Dodge
Iowa City (City High)
Mason City
Sioux City
Waterloo (East, West)

Some notes:

1. I’m assuming the 5 Des Moines schools have generally equal enrollments.
2. I don’t have a strong feeling about Davenport Ambrose, Des Moines Dowling, Dubuque Loras. Clearly if they play three team with standing, then they are eligible for a championship.
3. Clearly 20,000 is an arbitrary number. Marshalltown’s 1950 population: 19,821.


1. Any team in a conference that has three teams with standing is eligible for consideration for the championship.


Given these thoughts, I’ve implemented three pools of teams in the rankings.

Division 1 – Iowa teams eligible for the championship
Division 2 – Other Iowa teams
Division 6 – Iowa 6-man football teams.

Iowa Score Project

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