2023 Year End: Iowa Scores Project

2023 Year End: Iowa Scores Project

1. 2023 review

2023 saw lots of improvements. This is the second year in a row that over 20,000 game entries were added to the database.

39,854 new or improved game entries
22,795 new game entries

Improvements by teams:

Improvements by year:

2. Long-term comments

2.1 Additional reports

The 1891 to 1910 time period has a lot of games where a high school team plays a college football team (varsity, or second team, or even third team). Additionally there are games with non-educational teams: alumni teams, athletic clubs, military teams, town teams, and YMCA (Young Men’s Christian Assocation) teams.

Significant work continues to go into documenting these teams.

2.2 Iowa College

Similar to the previous point, I’d like to provide a repository for all Iowa college football scores. Additionally, I believe historical conference reports for the Iowa Intercollegiate Athletic Conference would add significant value. Progress on this goal will happen in parallel to high school school research.

2.3 high school conference reports

Generally conferences began in about 1920. Significant work has been done to display conference rankings and standings. These historical standings are really an interesting gem. Please enjoy these reports; they are really great.

2.3 Rivalry rankings

I’d like to develop reports measuring the quality of a rivalry. Clearly the most important factor is the total number of games played. The next factor is clearly a measure of the overall closeness of the total wins for the two teams. Thus, the best rivalry is when two teams play a lot of games, and the two teams have an equal amount of wins in the rivalry.

This is still on the to-do list.

4. current totals

141,307 game entries
133,922 game results
133,533 game scores
116,065 game scores with locations

5. Collaboration

As always, this is a great collaboration with a lot of contributors (currently 55 contributors). If you have scores you would like to share, please contact me bcmoore87@bcmoorerankings.com.