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8-man multi-year improvement

 Finishing this series is a study of 8-man football. Membership in 8-man football has been quite fluid this decade. The membership has greatly increased since starting in the Rolling Hills conference area. Because of this short history, there are much fewer teams who have exhibited consecutive years of improvement. Teams with two years of consecutive […] Continue reading →

3A-A multi-year improvement

 Unlike 4A, the teams in classes 3A-A play a lot of connecting games. Thus, rankings for 3A-A teams should be more accurate than 4A team rankings. Given this proposed improved level of accuracy, how many teams have improved in both 2008 and 2009? There are 243 teams in the 3A-A pool. Of this number, 52 […] Continue reading →

4A Multi-year improvement

 From year to year, some teams improve and some teams do not. Let’s assume that 1/2 of the teams rise in the rankings from one year to the next (24 teams). So after two years 12 teams should have improved over this span (1/2)*(1/2)*48. It turns out that only 5 teams have shown consecutive improvement […] Continue reading →

2010 Football Schedules

 Schedules are now available for the fall football season. 355 teams will be competing in 6 classes. 4A top 47 schools 3A next 64 schools 2A next 64 schools 1A next 64 schools A next 51 schools 8 man 65 schools Previous research says that last year’s analysis can predict this fall’s games with about […] Continue reading →