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1893-2011 FB: Updated database

 I updated the database of 1893-2011 football scores. – Hyperlink table of rankings by year – Composite rankings of all years combined Notes: 1. I added scores from 2011. 2. I learned that Cherokee Washington High School began in about 1952. Washington High School replaced Wilson High School. 3. Football scores database now […] Continue reading →

Preseason rankings construction

 How do you construct a preseason ranking? Last year I investigated the question of preseason rankings. Given that the computer knows nothing about the 2011 edition of all teams, how can an intelligent preseason rankings be constructed? Some initial notes are given here Possibilities: 1. Use last year’s team strengths 2. Use a different […] Continue reading →

weeks 0 – 4 predictions

 I’ve done some work in the off-season to improve that quality of week 1 to week 3 predictions. In these weeks there are not enough connections between the teams for an unbiased model. Thus some sort of bias needs to be introduced to be able to compare all teams. The best bias discovered so far […] Continue reading →

Class strength estimates

 In thinking about the 4A-3A games, it occurred to me that I really need a baseline measurement of the difference between 4A and 3A. I took the score data from 2001-2009 and then applied the team data for 2010. Thus the games played by Sioux City Heelan and Waukee, 2001-2009, are the basis for this […] Continue reading →