Week 1 prediction game

 Current insight of the BCMoore prediction game: + home team favored – visiting team favored Conf Rk (W-L) Visitor Conf Rk (W-L) Home Open Curr MVC 9 (0-0) Dubuque Hempstead MVC 8 (0-0) Cedar Falls 4.0 11.0 MVC 10 (0-0) CR Kennedy MVC 2 (0-0) CR Xavier 20.0 20.0 CIML 20 (0-1) Waukee MRC 13 […] Continue reading →

4A prediction game – week 0

 1. Guess the game margin for the top 10 matchups in Class 4A. Beat the computer – earn bcmoorerankings.com fame – prove to everyone that your team is underrated. 2. Notation: +2 –> Home wins by 2 points. -7 –> Visitor wins by 7 points. 3. Game is open to all, and all are encouraged […] Continue reading →

iahsaa.org: 2010 Preseason Football Notes

 2010 preseason football notes from iahsaa.org: First Year of New Re-classification This fall marks the first year of a new two-year re-classification of districts. These changes occur to take into account changes in school enrollment, sharing programs, whole grade sharing, etc. All told from the 2008 scheme, there are 56 total changes, which include two […] Continue reading →

Status update

 Practice Schedules Week 0 games are now ten days away, August 20. Class 4A Western and those teams playing week 0 started practicing in pads yesterday. All other teams started practice yesterday, with 2-a-day preconditioning practices. Iowa Scores Project The Iowa Scores Project now has 54,530 scores of Iowa high school football teams from 1893-2009. […] Continue reading →