2021-2022 IA basketball

 2021-12-09 20:00 ( added girls rankings 2021-12-12 18:00 ) 0. Links Boys Weekly reports: http://ia.bcmoorerankings.com/bbb/2022/ Boys Latest rankings: http://ia.bcmoorerankings.com/bbb/2022/latest/ Girls Weekly reports: http://ia.bcmoorerankings.com/gbb/2022/ Girls Latest rankings: http://ia.bcmoorerankings.com/gbb/2022/latest/ This is the first draft of boys rankings. Girls rankings will be available before 12/18. 1. Score source: http://ia.varsitybound.com is official source for scores and schedules information.  This […] Continue reading →

2021 IAHSFB: Unbiased Rankings

 Week 3 has completed; this is historically the decision point: continue to use information from last year to form a basis of historical “reasonableness” OR discard last year’s data and live in the current year. And the winner is … Unbiased rankings are posted this morning.   Two important notes: Because of the limited number […] Continue reading →

2021 Football Rankings

 http://ia.bcmoorerankings.com/fb/2021/ Preseason rankings can be found for 333 Iowa high school football teams. Team Changes that I noticed: West Harrison is teaming up with Whiting this season. Calamus-Wheatland is playing football for the first time ever.  In the current football scores database, I have no scores for either Calamus, Wheatland, or the combined team (merged […] Continue reading →